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Private lesson 20 min: $23
Private Lesson 30 min: $35
Private Lesson 40 min: $46
Private Lesson 60 min: $70
2 in a Lesson 30 min: $38 (or $19 each)
2 In a Lesson 60 min: $76 (or $38 each)
Band Classes: $17.50 per student
All lessons are multiplied by the number of weeks in the term (or remainder of weeks if you start midway through the term) as usual for invoicing.


When you’ve been playing guitar for 25 years it can be hard to find a teacher that can really help you go further. AJ has been that teacher for me and has helped me take my playing to the next level. His theory knowledge is so thorough that I’ve really felt like a beginner starting out, despite the fact that I’ve actually been a guitar teacher myself. Andrew was very quick to find the right level for me, and has been exactly the kind of teacher I was looking for. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Cameron Sutton

Owner of The Family Music Store

What to do with a little boy who is crashing about on a piano one day and producing music the next? We tried lessons and they just didn’t seem to fit…. until we met AJ. Our son has gone from a beginner to playing both keys and guitar in a band in the short space of 3 years ( he is now 13 ). We were delighted that AJ could teach both keys and guitar and cater for Thomas’ ability to play by ear. It is one thing to have a talent for music, but quite another to find the type of teacher that can tap into that skill, encourage and mentor so that the student succeeds. This is what AJ brings to his students, a commitment to help them find their passion, teach theory and technical skills, build on strengths, encourage growth in areas they are not confident, whilst feeding their love of music. We couldn’t be happier with AJ’s teaching.

Judith Weakley

AJ has provided guitar tuition for both my sons and myself for a number of years. I was recommended to use him as he is well regarded inside the AV industry as a excellent musician and teacher. He personalizes his teaching style for each student whether youthful or adult. He makes his lessons interesting and rewarding, he pushes you along at a pace that sees you develop well. I would recommend his services to any one considering lessons either being a adult or a child.

Jason Tether

Director at Videopro NZ Ltd

Andrew is an amazing musician and teacher. He has taught all three of our children. His unique style and methods bring out the best in his students. Thank you Andrew for fostering the gift of music within our children. Tuition is only a small part of what A J does. He is a singer, song writer and talented recording artist with his own studio. I highly recommend all AJ’s professional musical talents and services.

Wendy Shipman